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Charleston Airport Board Extends Ceo’s Contract for 2 Years

The head of South Carolina’s busiest airport will stay at the helm for two more years, postponing retirement plans announced in 2016.

The Charleston County Aviation Authority voted unanimously Thursday to keep CEO Paul Campbell in charge of Charleston International and its two other airports.

Campbell, 70, and a Republican state senator from Goose Creek, currently earns $225,000 annually, but a new contract will be written where he could make more, according to Aviation Authority chairman Billy Swails.

Campbell originally planned to retire by last December. The board requested he stay on month to month in the fall after a national search for a new CEO turned up no suitable candidates.

“He saved us four years ago, and with the expansion we are getting and his engineering and management back...

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Charleston County School District Calls Accusatory Resignation Letter a ‘Disruption’

Charleston County School

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CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) — The Charleston County School District is responding after a principal’s accusatory resignation went public.

James B. Edward Elementary School Principal Jake Rambo sent a resignation letter (pictured below) to the Charleston County School Board and District Two Constituent Board May 16, 2017.

It says on April 24, Rambo’s superior told him he would have to move to a different school for the 2017-2018 school year. The letter implies that the reasons were low test scores and Rambo’s lack of experience in a diverse school.

Rambo writes that he does not want to leave J.B.E, as he is only in his second year as principal.

He says that in the past year, no district leaders have visited his sch...

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Charleston SC Is Worth Visiting At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Travel is not really a luxury anymore. Modern life is so stressful and busy that getting away once in a while is more of a necessity for your mental health and stress management. Given how affordable a lot of travel is these days, anyone who is doing okay financially can afford to put together a trip. If you are rather limited in how much time you have to get away though, you need to choose places that can meet a lot of different needs, and Charleston SC is certainly one such place.

This city is an easy weekend trip for anyone living in the Carolinas or Georgia, and it’s not too far away for most anyone living on the East Coast or Atlantic Seaboard. Charleston is a nice midpoint to the coast, given that it’s roughly as far from Miami as it is from Manhattan...

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