Charleston SC Is Worth Visiting At Least Once In Your Lifetime

Travel is not really a luxury anymore. Modern life is so stressful and busy that getting away once in a while is more of a necessity for your mental health and stress management. Given how affordable a lot of travel is these days, anyone who is doing okay financially can afford to put together a trip. If you are rather limited in how much time you have to get away though, you need to choose places that can meet a lot of different needs, and Charleston SC is certainly one such place.

This city is an easy weekend trip for anyone living in the Carolinas or Georgia, and it’s not too far away for most anyone living on the East Coast or Atlantic Seaboard. Charleston is a nice midpoint to the coast, given that it’s roughly as far from Miami as it is from Manhattan. Flying in is always an option, and Charleston makes it easy to stay long enough to be worth it.

It’s a great city for lovers looking for romance. Aside from beaches where you can cuddle, swim, and watch the sun come up, this city traces its history back to Colonial times. Much of the architecture has Old World charm you simply do not find in most of America. Combine that with an impressive collection of fine dining and luxurious restaurants, and it’s easy to have some memorable dates with your love here. Top it all of with an afternoon of the sprawling Angel Tree, and you have the trip you’ll always remember.

Those same facets and features to Charleston also make it a great place for families to visit. History buffs can certainly get their fill. A whole afternoon can be spent at Fort Sumter, where the Civil War broke out in full. Patriot’s Point can eat up a whole day, as it is home to a World War II aircraft carrier, the USS Yorktown, and a rotation of other interesting ships, often including a WWII submarine, a Coast Guard cutter, and a destroyer.

It’s also easy to make Charleston a stop in a larger itinerary. Carnival runs a cruise ship or two out of here most of the year, making regular stops in the Bahamas and other destinations in the Caribbean. Just make sure you don’t pass through, as Charleston is worth a day or two on its own.